Season 3

Episode 1: Fantasy Heels 1 

Carlos applies to become the Mastodon's new protégé.

Episode 4: Power Move Punishment 1

A furious Damien Rush picks The Justin apart with his power moves.

Episode 2: Over the F**n Line 1

Master Kevin becomes enraged to discover his caddy lounging at the MDW facility.

Episode 5: BDSM Ball Bash 3

Hunter James learns the golden rule; never grab the Mastodon, unless you are prepared to be grabbed back.

Episode 3: Big Bear Hugs 1

Damien Rush and Morgan Cruise face off, this time to see who can best beat the screams out of their token jobber.

Episode 6: Painting the Jobber Red 2

"The Justin" is the first rookie to make us see red.

Episode 7: Street Fights 1

Putting his street fighting style to the test, Bryce Barrigan Maliciously attacks Hunter James.

Episode 8: Street Fights 2

Bryce has evidently become an angry bully.

Episode 9: Fantasy Heels 2

Damien Rush has beefed up and is on a streak, overwhelming the rookies in MDW.

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