Season 21 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 8


Romanian muscle sensation Steel Muscle God has made himself quite at home on American soil, inhabiting the MDW ring like he owns the place. Meaning match or not, SMG hangs out, flexing, working out, waiting upon unsuspecting victims, who tend to flock in endless abundance to the domination center.

A certain ginger twink by the name of Charlie Evans has been getting himself in a fair amount of trouble lately, something the MDW headquarters seem to facilitate. Now especially, with SMG making himself at home, Mr. Evans finds himself in another sticky situation, peeping on the Romanian muscle god, who is checking out his post workout pump. If the salivating ginger could have kept quiet and contented himself with mere observation, perhaps SMG would not have noticed the peeper while zoned in on his bulging biceps, but Charlie had to catch a whiff of SMG’s freshly peeled off shirt. Evans, drawing the ire of SMG mumbles an explanation about checking the cleanliness of the shirt, since his job is cleaning. Shoving the shirt into Evan’s face SMG demands to know “is it clean?” Charlie confirms that it smells really good.


“Whiff on this!” Dan orders, stuffing Charlie’s guilty face into his bulging biceps. “Tell me does it smell good?” Charlie chokes out a yes from a mouthful of bicep. “Yes sir,” Dan corrects, before deepening his hold on the little worshipper. Dan positions Charlie into a modified Dragon ZZZ hold, but emphasizes that Evans have his nostrils filled with whiff of pits, rather than choosing to put the twink to bed with a tighter clutch.


Charlie is mesmerized trying to press down Steel Muscle God’s flexed biceps, discovering they only grow harder and more peaked. Dan enjoys indulging Charlie’s most erotic fantasies, allowing the worshipping ginger to oil him up thoroughly. Evans lapses into sub-space by the time SMG sandwiches his face into in between his bicep and forearm. “Come on get closer.” The Romanian hunk ensures that Evans is not just rubbing but also kissing his muscles. Charlie is in heaven enveloped by muscle, smothered by SMG’s chest.


Charlie looks born to worship Steel Muscle God, on his knees, oiling the Romanian, enraptured by muscle and overwhelmed with smothering. Dan bounces his biceps in Charlie’s sedated face. The Romanian also coils both arms around Charlie, embracing the twink, sensually submitting him with rock hard muscle. Evans knows he’s hit the jackpot of ecstasy when Steel Muscle God has him trapped in his quads, where the worshipper can look up at the god’s crotch and muscled body and worship like a proper slave.

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