Season 18 Episode 3: Six Pack Bash 8

Stud arrogant always brings an attitude wherever he goes- Used to getting his way when he's out of the ring, he has come to expect the same when in it. This has its consequences when he crosses a furry chase Lachance who is proud of his hard abs, eager to show them off, and confident of their strength.


Chase's ab workout is interrupted by the self assured Stud, and he is none too happy about that or the attitude the punk is giving. It doesn't take long for frustration to turn into aggression, as Chase pounds what he deems to be an inferior set of abs.


He boasts of his muscles strength and the Stud is able to make him stagger, striking the abs back. The two of them lock in a back and forth of mutual six pack bashing before Chase finishes off his smaller opponent, leaving him sprawled out, bulge on display. Chase, satisfied, flexes proudly over the opponent, flaunting hairy alpha muscle.

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