Season 17 Episode 6: ZZZ 6

Matt Thrasher has always viewed himself as the dominant daddy at MDW, making younger guys both big and small into his submissive boys. The muscled daddy flaunts his physique, confident that the ring and any young muscle that steps into it is totally his.


However Muscle Master Kevin has decided that its time to knock the big man down a few pegs, showing him that it is youthful strength that comes out on top. He clamps a gloved hand over his opponent’s mouth making him delirious, and sending the big muscles heaving downwards as they are deprived of the essential air they need to operate.


The malicious leather clad Master Kevin is not satisfied with just putting out the arrogant older hunk out once though, but comes at him time and time again, unleashing rear naked chokes, burying the man’s face in his armpit, and putting both his meaty legs and vulnerable throat into viselike holds.


When Thrasher is totally drained the Master begins to toy with him, throwing his limbs around as if they were that of a rag doll’s, and punishing the vulnerable pecs and muscles of the man before making him shout out his submission- Demanding that Thrasher give up his title of daddy, acknowledging Kevin as both his Daddy and his Master.

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