Season 18 Episode 8: Super Men 5.1

Riddle Man has tainted Bat Stud’s tonic, leaving the masked hero and his gorgeous muscles at the mercy of the dweeby spandex predator.


Riddle Man bypasses the interrogation and goes straight for the goods, locking up Bat Stud in a series of torturous holds, running his hands down the full length of every last alpha inch there is to touch.


The Bat is too weakened by the contents of the acrimonious phial to muster up the resistance his super powered muscles would normally be able to provide, leaving his luscious body prey to the depraved Riddle Man.


Seeking to enhance the ignominious nature of the encounter Riddle Man strips Bat Stud of his mask revealing him to be Steel Muscle God! Unfortunately, the villain’s vial concoction has left SMG’s system, causing the Bat Stud’s powers to return with powerful might and sinfully seductive vengeance..

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